Verb + -ing or to ... 1 (remember, regret etc.)
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Put the verb into the correct form, -ing or to ... . Sometimes either form is possible.

  1. They denied the money. (steal)
  2. I don't enjoy very much. (drive)
  3. I don't want out tonight. I'm too tired. (go)
  4. I can't afford out tonight. I don't have enough money. (go)
  5. Has it stopped yet? (rain)
  6. Our team was unlucky to lose the game. We deserved . (win)
  7. Why do you keep me questions? Can't you leave me alone? (ask)
  8. Please stop me questions! (ask)
  9. I refuse any more questions. (answer)
  10. One of the boys admitted the window. (break)
  11. The boy's father promised for the window to be repaired. (pay)
  12. If the company continues money, the factory may be closed. (lose)
  13. Does Sarah know about the meeting? No, I forgot her. (tell)
  14. The baby began in the middle of the night. (cry)
  15. Julia has been ill, but now she's beginning better. (get)
  16. I've enjoyed you. I hope you again soon. (meet, see)

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