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What do you say in these situations? Write sentences with I wish ... would ...

  1. It's raining. You want to go out, but not in the rain.
    You say:
  2. You're waiting for Jane. She's late and you're getting impatient.
    You say to yourself: I wish .
  3. You're looking for a job - so far without success. Nobody will give you a job.
    You say: I wish somebody .
  4. You can hear a baby crying. It's been crying for a long time and you're trying to study.
    You say:
  5. Brian has been wearing the same clothes for years. You think he needs some new clothes.
    You say to Brian:

For the following situations, write sentences with I wish ... wouldn't ...

  1. Your friend drives very fast. You don't like this.
    You say to your friend: I wish you .
  2. Joe leaves the door open all the time. This annoys you.
    You say to Joe:
  3. A lot of people drop litter in the street. You don't like this.
    You say: I wish people .

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