If I had known ... I wish I had known ...
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Imagine that you are in these situations. For each situation, write a sentence with I wish.

  1. You've eaten too much and now you feel sick.
    You say:
  2. There was a job advertised in the newspaper. You decided not to apply for it. Now you think that your decision was wrong.
    You say: I wish I .
  3. When you were younger, you never learned to play a musical instrument. Now you regret this.
    You say:
  4. You've painted the gate red. Now you think that red was the wrong colour.
    You say:
  5. You are walking in the country. You'd like to take some photographs, but you didn't bring your camera.
    You say:
  6. You have some unexpected guests. They didn't phone first to say they were coming. You are very busy and you are not prepared for them.
    You say (to yourself):

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