If I had known ... I wish I had known ...
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Put the verb into the correct form.

  1. I didn't know you were in hospital. If (I / know), (I / go) to see you.
  2. Sam got to the station just in time to catch the train to the airport. If (he / miss) the train, (he / miss) his flight.
  3. I'm glad that you reminded me about Amanda's birthday. (I / forget) if (you / not / remind) me.
  4. Unfortunately I forgot my address book when I went on holiday. If (I / have) your address, (I / send) you a postcard.
  5. A: How was your holiday? Did you have a nice time?
    B: It was OK, but (we / enjoy) it more if (the weather / be) nicer.
  6. I took a taxi to the hotel, but the traffic was bad. (it / be) quicker if (I / walk).
  7. I'm not tired. If (I / be) tired, I'd go home now.
  8. I wasn't tired last night. If (I / be) tired, I would have gone home earlier.

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