If I knew ... I wish I knew ...
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Put the verb into the correct form.

  1. If I (know) his number, I would phone him.
  2. I (not / buy) that coat if I were you.
  3. I (help) you if I could, but I'm afraid I can't.
  4. We would need a car if we (live) in the country.
  5. If we had the choice, we (live) in the country.
  6. This soup isn't very good. It (taste) better if it wasn't so salty.
  7. I wouldn't mind living in England if the weather (be) better.
  8. If I were you, I (not / wait). I (go) now.
  9. You're always tired. If you (not / go) to bed so late every night, you wouldn't be tired all the time.
  10. I think there are too many cars. If there (not / be) so many cars, there (not / be) so much pollution.

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