If I do ... and If I did ...
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Put the verb into the correct form.

  1. They would be offended if I to their party. (not / go)
  2. If you took more exercise, you better. (feel)
  3. If they offered me the job, I think I it. (take)
  4. A lot of people would be out of work if the car factory . (close down)
  5. If I sold my car, I much money for it. (not / get)
  6. (in a lift) What would happen if somebody that red button? (press)
  7. I don't think there's any chance that Gary and Emma will get married. I'd be absolutely astonished if they . (do)
  8. Liz gave me this ring. She very upset if I lost it. (be)
  9. Dave and Kate are expecting us. They would be very disappointed if we . (not / come)
  10. Would Steve mind if I his bike without asking him? (borrow)
  11. What would you do if somebody in here with a gun? (walk)
  12. I'm sure Sue if you explained the situation to her. (understand)

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