When I do / When I've done / When and if
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Complete the sentences using the verbs in brackets. All the sentences are about the future.
Use will/won't or the present simple (I see / he plays / it is etc.).

  1. I (phone) you when I (get) home from work.
  2. I want to see Julia before she (go) out.
  3. We're going on holiday tomorrow. I (tell) you all about it when we (come) back.
  4. Brian looks very different now. When you (see) him again, you (not / recognise) him.
  5. (you / be) lonely without me while I (be) away?
  6. We must do something soon before it (be) too late.
  7. I don't want to go without you. I (wait) until you (be) ready.
  8. Sue has applied for the job, but she isn't very well-qualified for it. I (be) surprised if she (get) it.
  9. I hope to play tennis tomorrow if the weather (be) nice.
  10. I'm going out now. If anybody (phone) while I (be) out, can you take a message?

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