Will and shall 1
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Complete the sentences with I'll + a suitable verb.

  1. I'm too tired to walk home. I think a taxi.
  2. A: It's cold in this room. Is it?
    B: on the heating then.
  3. A: We haven't got any milk.
    B: Oh, I forgot to buy some. and get some now.
  4. A: Shall I do the washing-up?
    B: No, it's all right. it later.
  5. A: I don't know how to use this computer.
    B: OK, you.
  6. A: Would you like tea or coffee?
    B: coffee, please.
  7. A: Goodbye! Have a nice holiday.
    B: Thanks. you a postcard.
  8. Thanks for letting me borrow your camera. it back to you on Monday, OK?
  9. A: Are you coming with us?
    B: No, I think here.

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